Sister City Partners



Sister City Partners Limited works with communities to rebuild and strengthen regional economies.



Regions need to fix their food industries … generate clean energy for the future … create greater flows of funds through local businesses .. and drive innovation right across the economy. We need to embrace the possibilities of new technologies to re-empower communities and drive a new wave of 21st century prosperity and resilience. That’s what we’re about. 


We are based in North Queensland, with partners and collaborators right across the country.


This website tells you about us, and our projects. Here, you can support the rebuilding of regional economies by getting involved. Here are some of our current projects. A comprehensive overview can be found here.


Weave – Digital Tools to Rebuild Local Economies


Sister City Partners has been working with technology partners to develop App Tools to support the rebuilding of regional community economies. And these are now being rolled out. The Weave Suite of tools provides:


A) Business to Consumer/Citizen engagement and transactions management function, all from the convenience of an App;


B) Citizen to Citizen referral tools, which will enable citizens to tell each other about the businesses they trust and support;


C) Integration into an immutable community blockchain to ensure trust and confidence in the integrity of the overall architecture; and


D) Provide a powerful predictive and visualisation capability to monitor the impact of the participating community on local businesses, employment and the wider social fabric.


Powerful database management tools support data-driven business improvements. These are coupled with an education support service so that businesses can maximise the benefits of these tools, and citizens can directly contribute to the rejuvenation of their regional economies in a transparent and accountable manner.


North Queensland Design and Innovation Awards


We’ve teamed up with Good Design Australia and James Cook University to curate the inaugural NQ Design Awards. The Awards program aims to highlight regional design excellence, and will crescendo at an Awards Presentation to recognise the region’s best. The Awards will be integrated into the National Design Awards program that is being delivered by Good Design Australia.


Food and Food Services Export Eco Food Hub


Sister City Partners has partnered with Singaporean and Hong Kong-based colleagues to establish an exclusive Australian presence in the Eco Food Hub in the strategically located city of Dongguan. This will open up a pathway into the rapidly growing southern China consumer market for Australian food exporters, manufacturers and retailers.


Dongguan is an industrial city of 7.2 million people, located between Hong Kong and Guangzhou. Its strategic position in the Pearl River Delta provides access to a market of over 60 million people, amongst whom are the most wealthy middle classes in China.


The Eco Food Hub is scheduled to open in September 2017, and we are inviting interested parties to register their interest. Click here to find out more and to register your interest.


Renewable Energy and Bio-oil Refinery

pyrolysis plant

CommEnergy has been set up to deliver regional energy security. The costs of energy are killing local businesses. New approaches are needed to deliver lower costs and more sustainable outcomes. That’s why we have set up CommEnergy, a renewable energy joint venture aimed at creating a vibrant renewable oils industry based on fast pyrolysis technologies.


A development strategy has been developed, which will:


1. Employ 120 people permanently across north and northwest Queensland; and

2. Reduce energy costs to key users across the region (by supplying 28MW of power).


We have invited the Commonwealth Government, the Queensland Government, Townsville City Council and James Cook University to support this by becoming founding power purchasers. That’s how you use local purchasing power to build a stronger region. A copy of the original correspondence is available here. This project is a work in progress in Queensland, and hopes to build off the success of our technology partners in South Australia, where they were awarded the inaugural South Australian Government Low Carbon Entrepreneurship Award in 2016.


CommBeef for food security


We are building a vertically integrated meat supply chain to deliver paddock-to-palate capability. We’ve successfully integrated an independently operated meat supply chain under our CommBeef community ownership structure. A profile is available here.


We employ over 20 people across the supply chain, and are working closely with all participants to progressively introduce new technologies to drive sustainable land use and enhanced product quality.


iNQ for innovation


Regional resilience is premised on cultivating a vibrant, dynamic entrepreneurial sector that finds competitive advantage in technology and innovation. That’s why we’re proud to have played our part in the establishment of iNQ, a regional innovation and entrepreneurialship ecology.


In practical terms, it aims to deliver directly (and indirectly) capital, structural and transactional solutions that support growing business activity in regional Australia. This activity necessarily has an international dimension, as reaching larger markets – particularly in North Asia – through partnerships and collaboration is in many ways a critical precondition for success.


As a not for profit enterprise, it cannot distribute profits to disinterested and far-removed shareholders. Rather, as a lawful necessity, it must reinvest these proceeds into businesses and activities that are single-mindedly focused on building regional economic resilience and social wellbeing. That is our pledge to the community.

Message from the Directors