To deliver on its objectives, SCP has three main Groups of activity:

THE ENTERPRISE GROUP, which comprises SCP-established and affiliated businesses ranging from social enterprises built on collaborative consumption models, innovative Research & Development & Commercialisation partnerships, through to larger scale communitisation transactions for critical regional infrastructure.

THE ADVISORY GROUP, which delivers investment deployment and trade development support and advisory services. These wholesale white label services are provided to SCP enterprises as well as affiliated partner organisations and clients. The Advisory Group also acts as a regional capacity developer and change agent through its research and analytics work.

THE CAPITAL GROUP, which delivers a range of capital solutions to support long-term regional resilience initiatives. Capital solutions include a number of discrete equity funds, as well as debt solutions such as Bonds. Our capital structures are integrated into our social enterprises, as well as broader community-based fiduciary platforms to harness regional consumption and savings capacities. These are buttressed by access to capital support from Asian partners through Hong Kong and South China-based partners.

Capital Solutions

SCP establishes and manages asset or project specific capital solutions, as well as general equity funds and debt instruments. As a not for profit company, its capital portfolio is the concrete means by which it can create virtuous cycles linking the revenues generated by activities undertaken in The Enterprise Group to ongoing investments in long-term public value and innovation.

Through these virtuous cycles, SCP ensures the leveraging of regional business activity and collaborative consumption strength for sustainable public value enhancement. Funds are probity supervised and overseen by boards of reputable and responsible people drawn from a cross section of the community.

In addition to establishing purpose specific capital structures and instruments to support the development of businesses associated with The Enterprise Group, SCP will also consider providing capital solutions advisory support to independent initiatives of merit. The Advisory Group delivers this advisory support.

SCP is also actively involved in collaborative R&D initiatives to develop a mutually owned wholesale web-based platform to enable communities of interest to develop financial product solutions in a legislatively compliant manner.

Corporate Publications can be accessed here.

Funds earmarked for establishment or which are already operational include:

The Regional Environmental
Resilience Projects Fund
Stronger Regions
Infrastructure Fund
The Enterprise
Innovation Fund

SCP is also working to develop crossregional capital instruments in the form of:

Regional Green Bonds
Research Innovations Fund
Global Funds Access