Regional Australia does not need to despair, despite the palpable failure of today’s dominant model. Indeed, regional Australia has a vast reservoir of tangible economic vitality and capacity that enables it to write its own future. What is needed are the structures, strategies and the people that can harness this vitality and capacity.

These solutions and business growth opportunities are founded on the belief that new ways of doing business are necessary. For us, this means a commitment to:


The Global Financial Crisis, and the ensuing years have been a true litmus test of corporate character. We seek partners that respect, and embrace that their reputation is their single biggest asset.


We believe that individual and collective objectives are best attained through mutuality. Drawing from the historical culture of cooperatives and mutual associations, we aspire to build relationships, and pursue our goals, with like-minded shareholders, as our investment partners.


Our mind is our single biggest asset. Achieving results, and delivering outcomes reward our partners. Our profits will be gained from the results we achieve, after our investment partners are rewarded, not before. Our profits are reinvested into ongoing innovation to make our global platforms more robust and to foster innovative and viable solutions on the ground.

We have laid foundational stones so as to build viable regional capital structures and an architecture that is resilient. We invite like-minded people to join us by becoming a Sister City Citizen.