BeefLedger is an integrated supply chain and blockchain platform development initiative.

This initiative is developing a technical standard for the development of a blockchain enabled provenance system to be applied initially in the beef supply chain. In addition, we integrate product provenance with smart contract enabled financial mediation to enhance supply chain financial efficiency and performance.

This dual process ensures a robust and fully enclosed system that supports consumer and regulator confidence on the one hand, and value growth and capture throughout the supply chain for all participants on the other. Go to for more information.

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We are working with global leaders in the blockchain, including the likes of Everledger, as well as  team of experienced local technology developers and financial services professionals to drive a practical resolution of fraud, value-loss and supply chain inefficiency problems.

The project involves participants including graziers, GIS technology solutions providers, processors and research academics to optimise system robustness, integrity practical application and validity.

Sister City Partners and the BeefLedger initiate are proud supporters of the Food Agility Cooperative Research Centre initiative.