screen-shot-2016-09-19-at-4-53-13-pmThe Eco Food Hub is scheduled to open in late 2017 and offers over 210,000m2 of dedicated food services display, storage and retail space. Talk about critical mass! It will have foods from all over the world, drawing buyers from right across the region.

The Hub is strategically locates with easy connections to key transport infrastructure including the Guangzhou-Shenzhen Rail line, the Guangzhou airport (1.5 hours), the Shenzhen Airport (45 minutes) and the Hong Kong Airport (2 hours). The Hub is no more than 45km from the Guangzhou Harbour and Port Facilities.

The Opportunity

The Eco Food Hub provides participating businesses with an opportunity to:

  • Display their products during the Annual Food Expo (a week-long event), to which over 30,000 buyers from the region and Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan come;
  • Display their products permanently in the new Eco Food Hub (in a space such as that illustrated below), which will also have an ongoing Food Street that retails food to both trade and public consumers; and
  • Benefit from the work of a dedicated year-round marketing team, working with national distributors long after the Expo is concluded. Sister City Partners will continue to engage the huge China market on your behalf for 12 months after the Expo.

screen-shot-2016-09-19-at-4-32-52-pmThe Model + Value Added Services

To mitigate risks for new exporters, participation in the Eco Food Hub is via an annual Membership Fee structure.

A space such as the one illustrated to the left would accommodate between 10-15 producers’ products, depending on the range of products each has. This enables the spreading of costs for mutual benefit, in what would otherwise be a high-cost / high-risk venture.

As members, participating organisations can also access a range of value-add services including:

  • Customs and Inspection: The Eco Food Hub has entered a long-term strategic partnering relationship with China Customs and Inspection Certification (Group) Ltd. This relationship offers participants access to all services necessary for the preparation of required documentation, applications to authorities, agency inspections, quarantine and inspection, food products certification and associated services.
  • Storage and Logistics: The Eco Food Hub also boasts over 10,000 metric tonnes of cold storage capacity. The facilities offer a range of storage environments ranging from -25 Deg. C, +5 Deg. C and +18 Deg. C temperature controlled environments together with integrated stock control and dispatch management systems (WMS, TMS and GPS) ensuring the timely and safe delivery of all products to any location within the Pearl River Delta.
  • Electronic Commerce Platform: The Eco Food Hub operates a fully integrated cloud-based POS system enabling online B2B and B2C transactions. The platform supports all e-commerce functionality, and e-commerce platform establishment, technical support, e-commerce personnel training and e-commerce logistics management are offered as value-added services.
  • Collateral Design and Production: Ensuring your message is crafted and presented in a way that is meaningful to the modern Chinese consumer is something our in-country team specialises in. We work hand-in-glove with Australian designers and digital story-producers to optimise production values, and partner with our Chinese language and culture experts to make sure the message is pitched just right.

Sales and Payments – a secure way

Sales of products will be driven by in-country staff (no direct cost to participating suppliers). This comes as part of the Membership package. A commissions structure will be put into place to incentivise the sales force, and mitigate risk for the Australian producer and seller. A secure financial payments structure will also be put into place, so that Australian producers receive payments in advance of produce being shipped.


We’re finalising costs now for the Membership program, but expect a base cost for participation to be approximately $4,000-$4,500 per year. Additional services and upgrades will be available.

Cost Offsets

Up to 50% of many of the costs involved may be offset through the Export Market Development Grants program, run by the Commonwealth Government.

Expressions of Interest

If you’re interested, please register your interest to receive further details.

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