Public dialogue is a precondition to enabling the development of new strategies that can be effectively implemented. Elite opinion has become stuck in a rut, and there is a need to think disruptively but constructively.

SCP’s research and analytics partners bring together a diverse range of multi-disciplinary capacities. These include urbanists, financiers, scientists, innovators, educators, managers, technologists, environmentalists and conservationists and, broadly speaking, people from diverse walks of life who have a passion for the future wellbeing of our communities.

As an active engagement in re-imagining futures, SCP curated and launched Townsville2070 as an ongoing provocation in the public debates about the future of regional cities. A series of artistic vignettes have been developed, touching on a diverse number of themes that are likely to radically reshape how our cities operate and function. These vignettes have been produced within the Creative Commons Intellectual Property Licensing environment to consciously promote sharing and discussion.