Our company Founder and Chairman, Warwick Powell, has recently completed a 13-hour lecture series for James Cook University’s Masters in Innovation, Imagination and Leadership.

The subject, convened by Professor Peter Murphy, examines the nature and dynamics of initiative and leadership in organizations and firms, economies and societies. It discusses the role of leadership in innovation and creation. It examines the character of leaders, their imagination, creative thinking, the role of individual drive and group collaboration, the social psychology and personality of highly innovative leaders. The subject explores the relationship between art, aesthetics and art-thinking on the one hand and the imagination and intuition of exceptional leaders in business and politics and social institutions on the other hand.

The lectures will be delivered online for enrolled students. You can also enrol just in this one stream. More information will be provided when it is available. The courses are slated for access in the second half of 2015.

An overview of the series and a summary of the lectures can be downloaded here.