SCP hosted the inaugural Townsville Festival of Innovation and Creativity in late November 2014. It brought together around 140 people from across the globe to canvas new ways forward to tackle the challenges of regional food, finance and fuel.

Over 3.5 jam packed days, the Innovation Festival drove forward collaborative conversations around how Northern Australia can achieve more resilient and in the long-run sustainable outcomes in:

  • food production, distribution and consumption
  • energy generation and use
  • capital independence and resilience

Emerging from the Festival are a series of active Project Pods, which will provide a working framework and platform for the co-production of initiatives that can turn ambition into results. The future collaborations to be implemented via these Project Pods will be hosted within a number of online communities. We will share these as they emerge.

Meanwhile, for information on the Festival itself feel free to visit the Festival site here.

SCP is now working with other regional communities to bring the Festival format to their regions, to spark creative energies and provoke and harness passions for community improvement.