The New Possibilities in Regional Resilience Series of public lectures will feature notable experts and public intellectuals, discussing hot topics and field questions from the general public. The format is tried and tested, and we think it can help raise public awareness and active engagement on some of the pressing issues of our time. The Series kicks off in Townsville, and we are planning between 10 events during 2016/17.

Energy Futures

Our First Event featured Dr John Hewson – Chairman of the global Asset Owners Disclosure Project. The topic: Stranded Assets and Carbon Futures for the North. We’re also in discussions with key players in the regional resources industry to present at a later date. As part of Dr Hewson’s visit, we hosted a boardroom lunch with regional Mayors (pictured). Thanks to Aileen Cull, CEO of Queensland Country Credit Union, for her generosity in providing access to the Boardroom.

Boardroom Lunch with Regional Mayors and Dr Hewson

Boardroom Lunch with Regional Mayors and Dr Hewson

Automated Futures

A key driver of future wellbeing will come from how we as a community mediate the impacts of technological advances in artificial intelligence and automation. A raft of issues are raised that traverse ethics, employment prospects and even concerns about an existential crisis.