Sister City Partners undertakes ongoing research in regional financial resilience, and has produced a number of publications. These have been produced under the Creative Commons Intellectual Property licensing regime, to enable non-commercial sharing.

Corporate Documents

Sister City Partners maintains an up to date range of corporate documents. These are:

  • Our latest Corporate Profile (August 2014) can be downloaded here.
  • Our Blueprint for a Capital Rich Region – in Brief (December 2014) can be downloaded here.
  • Our Townsville2070 vignettes can be accessed here. Large format hard copies are also periodically on public display.

Conference Presentations

Warwick PowellWarwick Powell has presented at conferences and workshops. Recent major speeches include the following:

Australian Regional Development Conference (Canberra, 5-6 September 2016)

Warwick’s keynote address was based on the two slide packs below. A copy of the pre-delivery speech notes is available here:

  • Beyond the Mendicant Economy speech notes – here
  • Beyond the Mendicant Economy – A Reframing, (slide pack) which is available here
  • Beyond the Mendicant Economy – Elements of a Blueprint, (slide pack) which is available here

Central Highlands Regional Economic Development Conference (Emerald, October 2016)

His address was entitled Beyond the Mendicant Economy: Innovating Regional Economic Institutions and Architectures – Key Elements of a Blueprint in Readiness for When the Rush Ends. The speech notes are available here, and the slide pack is available here.

Urban Development Institute Australia (Townsville Branch) – 12 June 2017 Market Overview Presentation

Warwick presented to the UDIA (Townsville) on key regional dynamics. He presented new research drawing from the results of a national research program he is undertaking with colleagues at James Cook University on regional labour force dynamics. The presentation is available here. The slides with notes is available here.

Australia Night Time Economy Conference (Melbourne, 21 June 2017)

Warwick presented a paper called “Tropical City: Finding Refuge in the Night Time Economy”. In it he drew on Townsville’s tropical experiences and sketched out four mega-trends driving a re-think about what day/night means when it comes to work and leisure. The slide deck is available here.

New Possibilities for Regional Resilience Series Presentations

Sister City Partners has produced a number of presentations as part of our New Possibilities for Regional Resilience Series. The slides can be accessed here:

  • Holy F …! Reframing Regional Finance, Fuel and Food (Open)
  • Regional Energy Futures (Open)
  • Institutions of Regional Finance (Open)
  • North Queensland Biorefinery Development (September 2015) (Open)
  • Submission – Ross Creek Priority Development Area (August 2015) (Open)

North Queensland Regional Statistics Packs

Sister City Partners periodically produces data decks focusing on North Queensland. Sometimes, these find their way into other presentations (e.g. the UDIA market update 2017), while at other times they are more generic in nature.

  • Townsville SA4 Regional Labour Market (May 2014) (Open)
  • North Queensland Conditions of High Unemployment Hysteresis – Statistical Slide Pack (July 2016) (Open)
  • North Queensland Conditions of High Unemployment Hysteresis – Statistical Slide Pack (August 2016) (Open)

Research Publications

Warwick Powell’s (2008) Working Paper “Who runs the show? Summer of Discontent: financialisation, corporate governance failures and political irresponsibility in Queensland’s electricity distribution sector”, is available here.

A number of conference papers (2015) that deal with Townsville’s CBD development ambitions, the Townsville Strand, “why it works” and how it gets (unsuccessfully) drawn into the politics of urban renewal are available here.

Iconoclast Blog Posts

Warwick Powell publishes a regular post on LinkedIn. Some of these are republished here as PDFs:

  • It’s time (14 April 2015), which shows why reliance on government-induced construction in the Townsville CBD and the Galilee Basin are wrong-headed and irresponsible.
  • Tell ‘im he’s dreamin’ (7 April 2015), which demolishes the myth of the economic arguments in favour of the proposed Townsville super stadium.

Duo Magazine

Warwick Powell has begun a regular column with Duo Magazine, a monthly Townsville-based publication with a circulation of 44,000 hard copies and 33,000 online visitations. The Magazine has won numerous awards and is recognised as a leader in high production values publications in regional markets. It can be accessed here. A selection of individual articles can also be accessed by clicking on these links:

Coal is out renewables are in Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 3.01.01 PM

Capital Rich to Capital Poor Screen Shot 2016-10-04 at 10.42.58 AM

Powering the FutureScreen Shot 2016-09-01 at 11.47.06 AM

Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 10.56.05 AM

Screen Shot 2016-10-04 at 11.09.53 AM

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 3.37.56 PM Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 3.04.42 PM

Other Resources

Townsville City Council’s 2014 Culture Matters report has been referred to frequently in various blog posts. It does not appear to be locatable via a standard search engine search. So for those who are curious, it is available here: Culture Matters.

The 2013 KPMG Townsville Stadium Final Feasibility Study is available here: Townsville Stadium Study – Final copy.

Warwick Powell recently presented at the Queensland Parliamentary Committee Hearing on the Environmental Protection (Chain of Responsibility) Amendment Bill 2016. A copy of Warwick’s oral submission is available here: Statement to Parliamentary Committee 5 March 2016.