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We’ve teamed up with Good Design Australia (GDA) and James Cook University to curate the inaugural NQ Design Awards. The Awards program aims to highlight regional design excellence, and will crescendo at an Awards Presentation to recognise the region’s best. The Awards will be integrated into the National Design Awards program that is being delivered by Good Design Australia.

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To secure the involvement of GDA is a coup for the region. This will be the first ever regional design awards program auspiced by GDA, who also are the organisers of the Victorian Premier’s Design Awards and the Australian Good Design Awards, which are held in Sydney. The inaugural South Australian Deign Awards will be delivered by GDA in November this year.

GDA’s involvement ensures an awards program of high production values, integrity and credibility. It also provides North Queensland inventors, designers, creatives, entrepreneurs etc., a pathway to participate in the national awards program, and ultimately to be showcased at global awards. GDA’s pivotal role as awards organisers will provide national and global legibility for the work of regional designers and innovators.

We see design as the lingua franca, cutting across traditional silos and disciplines, providing a unifying language to re-imagine future possibilities. Design is an intrinsically optimistic practice; when does anyone ever seek to design something for the worse?

The Townsville North Queensland regional economy is experiencing a protracted period of contraction, and is being buffeted by a host of forces driving an unavoidable need to adapt and respond. What worked in the past won’t necessarily work in the future. This applies at a regional level as much as it does to an individual organisation or business. In the face of these challenges, we are seeing a considered effort by a diverse cross section of the regional community to design new solutions, whether they are ways of framing problems or coming up with new products, services or processes.


Awards Categories

That’s why the awards will recognise and reward innovative thinking and practice across a multitude of areas, including:

  • Product and industrial design;
  • Digital and communication design;
  • Architectural and landscape design;
  • Service design;
  • Design strategy;
  • Designer maker; and
  • Student design.

These design categories are closely aligned with those that frame the Australian Good Design Awards, and thus provide a clear pathway for local award winners to participate in the national program in the future. A national panel of recognised experts in diverse fields will judge the awards. GDA’s ability to assemble such a high profile group of industry leaders will be of tremendous assistance to local designers, innovators and inventors.


There is a range of benefits for individuals and organisations to be involved, including:

  • Strong differentiation and market positioning from the internationally recognised Good Design Selection and Good Design Award registered trademarks;
  • Entries are judged by a panel of industrial experts, utilising one of the most rigorous and respected evaluation systems in the world;
  • Sales inquiries and referrals through online entry profiles listed on our highly ranked website;
  • Widespread exposure via mainstream media, digital and social media channels, and the prospect of being showcased at Vivid Sydney exhibitions and national and international trade fairs and exhibitions;
  • Exclusive networking opportunities and exposure to a wide range of Australian and international designers and business leaders through celebratory events and design conferences; and
  • International credibility through GDA’s industry network and international profile, including our membership of the World Design Organization (WDO).