IMG_2050With 25 years of corporate, government and academic research expertise, Warwick launched Sister City Partners in late 2013 as a vehicle to shape a renewed future for regional Australia. The challenges brought about by technological change, industry restructuring and hollowing out are intimately intertwined with the regions’ estrangement from the mainstream institutions and markets of capital and finance.

Sister City Partner was launched to fill this gap – to transform regional economies one sector at a time; to refocus priorities on innovative reforms to industry structures to place them on stronger, more viable long-term footings.

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He is frequently invited to talk about his experiences and perspectives in building regional resilience, and writes frequently for public and academic audiences. Some of his papers and presentation “slide decks” are found here in the publications section.

He also teaches a Masters Program in Creativity, Innovation and the 21st Century at James Cook University. The Lecture Series outline can be found here.

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