weaveSister City Partners has been working with technology partners to develop App Tools to support the rebuilding of regional community economies. And these are now being rolled out. The Weave Suite of tools provides:

A) Business to Consumer/Citizen engagement and transactions management function, all from the convenience of an App;

B) Citizen to Citizen referral tools, which will enable citizens to tell each other about the businesses they trust and support;

C) Integration into an immutable community blockchain to ensure trust and confidence in the integrity of the overall architecture; and

D) Provide a powerful predictive and visualisation capability to monitor the impact of the participating community on local businesses, employment and the wider social fabric.

Powerful database management tools support data-driven business improvements. These are coupled with an education support service so that businesses can maximise the benefits of these tools, and citizens can directly contribute to the rejuvenation of their regional economies in a transparent and accountable manner.